4 Reasons Why This Drip Tube Hanger is Superior

1.)  Synchronizing topographical differences with vineyard uniformity

  • Direct water along slopes so water infiltrates in desired root locations.  Position farther away from vine along upslope area and closer to vine along downslope.
  • Direct water above hillside vines.The drip hanger allows a loop to be made in the spaghetti tube to direct water above the vine in a terraced vineyard to reduce runoff.
  • Irrigation water is often displaced from the emitter running down the drip line through the process of adhesion and cohesion.  This process is avoided with the spaghetti tube irrigation delivery system whereby water is moved strictly by gravity to the desired location.
  • The above features in turn reduce water use as vineyard managers often irrigate for longer periods to accommodate vines receiving less water, essentially satisfying the needs of the lowest common denominator.

2.)  Irrigation stays where you want it.  Easily moved away for root growth.

  • Irrigation lines move through expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations causing emitters to move from their desired placement.  This drip tube hanger clips tightly to the wire (accommodates 13 and 14 gauge wire) keeping the spaghetti tube in place and water deposited where you want it.
  • Easily viewable for inspection.

3.)  Decreases cumulative labor costs in maintaining a properly functioning irrigation system

  • Constructed for durability and longevity, our drip tube hanger has a UV inhibitor added and is fiberglass reinforced which will lessen the amount of time and material cost needed to replace broken hangers.  Additionally, since the spaghetti tubes remain in place keeping water directed where you want it, the time and cost associated with pulling drip lines back in place is eliminated.

4.)  Made locally in Sonoma County, California.

  • As the wine industry  strives to become more sustainable, purchasing locally made products helps reduce your carbon footprint and helps the local economy.

The Innergation Concept

The INNERGATION Drip Tube Hanger solves many problems in directing water to the desired location on the surface.  The FORUM page will discuss various methods tried by Rick Adams and others to facilitate subsurface water movement.  It is our hope that others in the viticulture industry such as vineyard managers, owners, educators, etc. will contribute to the forum to develop the best sustainable practices for implementing efficient and economical methods for saving water and developing healthy, balanced and productive vineyards.