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UvasorbĀ® HA-88FD

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by 3V

Hindered amine based additive. Acts as an UV light stabilizer. Provides long term thermal stabilization to polymers along with UV light stability. Also offers low volatility and minimal migration rate, high extraction and gas fading resistance, high thermal stability preventing decomposition as well as volatilization even at elevated temperatures and high antioxidant activity. Exhibits excellent synergism with a broad range of additives used in polymer formulation. Recommended for thin layer applications such as fibers, films, tapes and also for automotive, drums, bottles, crates, sheets, toys, marine and garden furniture applications. Compatible with polyolefins, olefin copolymers like EP, EVA, polyacetals, polyamides, polyurethanes, styrenic polymers, elastomers and polypropylene-elastomer blends. In general, the range of dosage is 0.10 – 0.6 % for PP fibers, 0.05 – 0.4 % for PP and HDPE tapes.

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