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The mission of this forum is to accumulate knowledge for developing best practices to move water underground, use as little as possible while maintaining a healthy prosperous vineyard. The Innergation Drip Tube Hanger allows water delivery to be directed and held to a specific spot along the drip tube and also above a hillside vineyard which is an important aspect of water management. The next important step is to get the water underground via a depression reducing hillside runoff and decrease surface wetting which leads to increased evaporation and develops shallow roots. If each vine receives the same amount of water directed subsurface and proper amendments the vineyard is more likely to produce quality consistent fruit preferred by wine makers.

This forum is seeking input from those of you who have made your own attempts to accomplish water savings. With advice from vineyard managers, growers, viticulturists, educators and others in industry who offer equipment that might provide an efficient method of making depressions billions of gallons of water could be saved.

Various topics will be presented to stimulate discussion. I Rick Adams will focus on mechanical approaches for moving water quickly underground. Kim Adams will present topics related to soil science, vine nutrition and facilitating root uptake.

UV Inhibitor Info

The following information was gleaned from SpecialChem Uvasorb® HA-88FD Technical DataSheet | Supplied by 3V Hindered amine based additive. Acts as an UV light stabilizer. Provides long term thermal stabilization to polymers along with UV light stability. Also offers...

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Filling the Depression

What to fill the depression with? Depending on the soil type and pH., different amendments could be used to aid in healthy soil microbial populations, vine health and water retention capabilities. Compost would be the likely first choice due to affordability and...

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A depression can be made with a shovel. The diameter and depth of a shovel would equal about 2 ½ Gallon. Soil composition and wetness will determine how efficient this is? Those with experience planting vines in volume could add much to this discussion.

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Compost Depression

More recent attempts have focused on making a depression about 9” deep and about 9” wide. Those numbers were chosen as this would hold about 2 ½ gallons of water; enough for about 4 hours of irrigation with ½ gal emitter. Filling the depression largely with compost...

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One Man Auger

One Man Auger My 1st attempt to get water deeper in the ground was to drill a hole with a one man gas auger and install perforated pipe. Soil characteristics determine the effectiveness of this method. In rocky soil there is increased danger of the auger catching on a...

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