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Innergation - Multipurpose Drip Tube Hanger

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New Innergation Thinking About Old Irrigation Ways

Innergation - Multipurpose Drip Irrigation Hanger


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          Sometimes, “good things come in small packages”.  The Innergation Drip Tube Hanger is only slightly different from the typical hanger, “and that has made all the difference” to use the words of Robert Frost in his poem “Two Roads”.  In addition to holding the drip tube near the suspension wire as do other tube hangers, you can attach spaghetti tube to it.  No longer do you have to settle for misplaced emitters.

          The Patent Pending design features two U shaped channels underneath to accommodate spaghetti tube.  This allows one to attach spaghetti tube so that water can be redirected along the drip tube; not just where the emitter is.  In addition, a loop can be made in the spaghetti tube to direct water above a hillside vine reducing runoff.  If you are planting a new vineyard, the Innergation hanger can be placed near the vine and later moved away to encourage root growth.  You can also retrofit an existing vineyard and reposition where the water is deposited on the soil.  This complements the Innergation philosophy of facilitating water movement underground via a compost depression.  As the hanger firmly grips the wire, it stays in place so that the water source is no longer a moving target. The depression opens up a myriad of possibilities for improving vine health in addition to reducing water use. Amendments can be added to the compost to compensate for soil deficiencies. As water is directed underground instead of on the surface, less amendments and or fertigation chemicals can be used.  You can’t change the soil for the whole vineyard, but you can improve the vine environment. This is particularly beneficial in encouraging early vine growth or deficit irrigation during the maturation process. We encourage you to visit our forum and contribute with your ideas.  Together we can help save on our valuable resources and farm efficiently, affordably and improve quality.